What Are The Main Truck Safety Features

The Australian economic growth depends a lot on the prosperity of the trucking industry. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, this industry employs more than 1.2 million people. That’s almost 25% of all storage and transport employees in entire Australia. The demand for food and other goods has increased significantly in the last few years. That contributed a lot to the future of the trucking industry. It’s no wonder that the demand for trucks and trailers grows from day to day. That’s quite normal when roads cover more of Australia than railways do.


Now, if you want to use this situation and profit from it, then enter the world of logistics. You can find a lot of truck and trailers for sale online. Prolong the life span of your trucks, by keeping in mind some of the following truck safety tips.

The Drive Shaft of Pinion Angle – If you notice that your truck vibrates while driving, then you might have problem with your U-joint operating angles. How can you avoid this problem? Easy. If you are not able to install the new drive shaft yourself, then leave everything in the hands of an experienced mechanic. Technician will know exactly how to position your truck and lift it to the right pinion angle. Usually, that pinion angle must be set between 2 to 2 ½ degrees.

The Brakes – Keep an eye on your truck’s brake system. Make sure you regularly check brakes no matter how new your truck is. If your truck makes a popping and backfiring sound, then something wrong is going on with your air brake system. If you want to keep your truck in a good condition, then make sure you regularly change brake oil according to your maintenance schedule.

The Tires – Tires are just another important part of your truck. It is extremely important to regularly check the tire pressure before you start driving the truck. Tire pressure can make a significant difference in driving. You might easily lose control over your truck, if you drive with flat tires.

The Shock Absorber – Truck owners should regularly inspect the shock absorber, in order to avoid costly repairs and worn components. Trucks with worn shock absorbers are difficult to control and maneuver. That increases the risk of tire wear and overturns.


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