Guide On Buying Used Dump Trucks

A dump truck is a vehicle used for transporting a variety of materials. Primarily, dump trucks are used for transporting construction materials and removing waste materials on construction sites. These specialized heavy commercial vehicles can be seen at virtually any construction job site, since disposal of waste materials is essential. Most dump trucks are equipped with a truck bed, which is hydraulically raised and lowered. There are many different types of dump trucks, each suitable to specific tasks.


When looking for used truck sales and choosing a dump truck for your business, it is very important to at least know if you want a used or a new vehicle. While both options provide unique advantages, an increasing number of construction operators choose to buy used dump trucks. If you want to make a great deal, here is your guide on buying used dump trucks.

  • Before you start your research, determine the main purposes of your dump truck. You will find a wide selection of used dump trucks, suitable for different purposes, in different environments. For example, if you are running a big construction company, then articulated dump truck (highest capacity) is your best choice.
  • Search and read a lot about the particular model you are looking for. Read users’ reviews and try to find out all its specifications, strengths, weaknesses and price.
  • Next, start looking for an offline or online reliable dealer who offers a wide range of the truck model you want. This may seem easy, but there are so many dealers making your decision hard.
  • If offline, find and visit a dealer directly to ask for a dump truck in person. If you are not an expert about dump trucks, bring your mechanic to help you understand the truck better.
  • If online, ask the dealer to send you more and clear pictures of the dump truck. If it seems like a good offer, visit the dealer and check out the dump truck live.
  • Inspect the vehicle thoroughly with assistance of your mechanic and if possible, go for a test drive. Feel how the truck is running, carefully listen for any strange sounds coming from the engine and check for signs of wear and tear.
  • Before making your final decision, make sure you have visited more dealers of used dump trucks. And once you make a decision, let the dealer know as soon as possible and start negotiating a price.

To make sure you are making a great buying decision, choose a reputable dealer whom you can trust. Don’t rush on buying a used dump truck immediately, take as much time as you need and consider more offers. Also, use your guts. You feel uncomfortable about a particular deal? Move on to the next one.


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